iSCSI Storage

iSCSI Storage is becoming more of a standard within growing enterprises, iSCSI storage is a cost effective, mid performance method of storage.

Initial iSCSI deployments are targeted at small to medium-sized businesses and departments or branch offices of larger enterprises that have not deployed Fibre Channel SANs. iSCSI is an affordable way to create IP SANs from a number of local or remote DAS devices.

Ethernet-TCP/IP networks enables storage to be accessed over LAN, MAN, or WAN environments, without needing to alter storage applications. It also lets IT managers use the existing Ethernet/IP knowledge base and management tools..

With 10Gb ethernet firmly on the road map, iSCSI storage is sure to be a competitor with more expensive fibre and SAS solutions.

More benefits of iSCSI Storage

iSCSI storage provides a common function: transporting block-level storage over an IP network, this enables the end users to:

  • Leverage existing storage devices (SCSI and Fibre Channel) and networking infrastructures (Gigabit Ethernet);
  • Maximize storage resources to be available to more applications;
  • Extend the geographical limitations of DAS and SAN access;
  • Use existing storage applications (backup, disaster recovery, and mirroring) without modification; and Manage IP-based storage networks with existing tools and IT expertise.

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