Data Encryption

Data Encryption is a secure process for keeping your sensitive and confidential information private. It is a process by which bits of data are mathematically jumbled with a password-key. The Data Encryption process makes the data unreadable unless or until decrypted.

Data Encryption – Can you afford not to?

With more legislations and bodies standard evolving, the need to ensure the security of your business information has never been more important than today. Data Encryption is viewed as a means of achieving this. Business Information resideson two common mediums, disk and tape, and there are many methods in which to perform data encryption.

These take the form of

  • Software – where data encryption takes place in the host or the application
  • Hardware – where data encryption takes place at the storage device ie tape or disk
  • Appliance – sits between the host and the target hardware device.

Data at rest on disk

With more and more organizations consolidating their storage infrastructure to optimize their investments, there is an increased risk of a security breach of their information. Data Encryption technologies allow organizations to perform a consolidation of storage yet isolating sensitive data from exploitation from internal or external threats. Whilst adding this level of security to the information we must also ensure that there is minimal increased latency added to the storage processing.

Data at rest on tape

Tape media is considered the most reliable and common source for enterprise data recovery. While enterprises have implemented access controls and tighter infrastructure management provisions, such safeguards do not encompass the tape media itself. Most data stored on removable media can be lost, stolen or compromised. Unauthorized users can readily read tape data, analyze confidential information

By deploying a Data Encryption solution organizations can ensure that data is encrypted as it is written to tape, therefore leaving the tape of no value should the tape be lost or stolen.

Key Management

As part of any good data encryption solution deployment one of the key considerations should be around encryption key management. Without key management the data will not be recoverable and therefore of no value. By having the ability to automatically share keys based on automated policy distribution this risk is alleviated.

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