Enterprise Cloud Services

Enterprise Cloud provides you with pools of computing resource that your own staff can rapidly direct to meet the changing needs of your enterprise.

Scalable: We take care of providing infrastructure capacity in a highly elastic pool while you retain full control of your data and applications.  You can draw more capacity for existing IT services enabled on the Enterprise Cloud service or create additional systems from your service catalogue, as and when your business demands resources.

Agile: You can move computing workloads and virtual machines between your data centre and our enterprise cloud with little or no reworking and use the same toolsets to manage both environments.  New services can be created and deployed in minutes not days or weeks and when no longer required they can be removed or redeployed.

Efficient: You use the self-service portal or integrate via API’s to configure and administer your Enterprise Cloud.  You are provided with a Service Catalogue to which you can add your own standard applications or IT services for rapid standardised service deployment.

Secure & Reliable: Enterprise Cloud is a VMware vCloud Datacenter service; built to a VMware prescribed architecture and our service is certified by VMware for its state-of-the-art enterprise quality.  Security is built into the VMware vCloud Datacenter architecture -  it includes virtualisation and application aware firewall appliances, network isolation, role-based access controls and Active Directory integration.  The entire solution, including our data centres the service is delivered from, is compliant with the ISO27001 standard for information security.

Choice of service models

We offer two virtual data centre options, each designed to support different customer requirements.  You can choose capacity from both and combine them in one IT solution to create your ideal service:



  • Improve cost management: reduce CAPEX and take advantage of a subscription-based service
  • Enhance productivity: get a high-availability, flexible IT infrastructure that won’t let you down
  • Stay in control: scale IT resources in line with changing business needs
  • Simplify innovation: rapidly provision a self-managed test-and-development environment; easily convert it to a fully supported production environment

Key features

  • Self-service portal lets you create and manage your own servers
  • Physical servers are available for applications unsuited to virtualisation
  • Catalogue of operating systems and software enables creation of server templates
  • Underlying network, servers and hardware are managed, operated and monitored by us
  • Fully managed service option offers server provisioning, software monitoring and patch management by us

Service Overview

Tech Overview

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