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Installation, Implementation and Configuration Services designed to get you off to the Right Start!

Getting off to a good start is critical with any project, but even more so when you are protecting your critical business information. No matter how capable your team is, having expert assistance involved at the outset of your deployment can ensure your data protection solution is implemented quickly and optimally from the beginning. The 101 Data Solutions Consultancy Services have been designed to provide this expert assistance for new implementations or upgrades to existing implementations.


Do it Right the First Time with 101 Consultancy Services.

Many organisations simply do not have the expertise or resources to install, implement and correctly configure everything in their environment, including their data protection solution.

At 101 this is our business and we do it every day! Our solution engineers have implemented many data protection solutions. And by including our experts as part of your overall team, your organisation can cost effectively learn from their experiences and ensure that your data protection solution is implemented utilising the best practices that are most current in the industry.

Get Up and Running Quickly.

The 101 Consultancy Services team offers you the expertise to get your solution up and running fast. We will deliver an accelerated deployment of your new backup and recovery system, under a set time frame, based on your priorities. Our solution engineers will make sure your deployment is done right, from installation of the software components through solution testing and knowledge transfer.

The 101 Consultancy Services team partners with you to successfully implement backup and restore projects that address business requirements, from single installations to enterprise implementations.

101 Data Solutions acts as a trusted advisor when implementing backup and recovery, data migration, clustering, mirroring and virtualisation solutions considering all relevant factors including server locations, right-sizing requirements, network and SAN/NAS architecture, application availability, growth plans, data retention policies and disaster recovery requirements.

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