If you are looking for a simple application server installation, or looking to utilize a cloud solution, 101 Data Solutions are able to offer you comprehensive managed service solutions for your business and IT projects.

We have categorised our services into three sections; Maintenance, Professional and Cloud, all are easy to understand, straight forward to implement and adaptive to your business needs.

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The problem

Developing an IT infrastructure to meet changing business requirements, projects and unpredictable peak workloads requires more than just the flexibility that a virtualised environment brings.   It requires IT capacity that can be made available swiftly enough while managing your capital spend and finite data centre capacity.
Perhaps you’ve considered extending your virtualised infrastructure with a public or off-premises cloud solution, but have been discouraged by concerns about security, control and compatibility.  You are looking for a genuinely enterprise ready cloud computing service to deliver your ‘On Demand’ compute requirement.

  • Would the ability to scale capacity up and down ‘on demand’ help you meet project demands, such as development or marketing promotions, more efficiently?
  • Are you keen to bring greater responsiveness to your IT infrastructure so you can meet changing business needs with ‘On Demand’ capacity?
  • Are you looking to add greater flexibility and agility to your existing IT infrastructure?
  • Are you looking to buy infrastructure as a service but want enterprise grade security and end to end SLA’s?
  • Do you have concerns about performance levels when a public cloud vendor doesn’t own and control the network?
  • Are you reluctant to delegate security and control measures as demanded by many cloud service providers?

Enterprise Cloud Services

Enterprise Cloud provides you with pools of computing resource that your own staff can rapidly direct to meet the changing needs of your enterprise.



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Cloud Backup

At 101 Data Solutions we understand that backing up your company’s data is crucial along with the necessary data protection to support it yet this isnt always possible within your existing infrastructure.

Mozy Pro allows you to manage multi-user environments, schedule automatic backups, and monitor the health of your backups from the convenience of a single web-based admin console.

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