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Consider 101 Data Solutions as an extension of your own project requirements; we will help you work through the life cycle of your projects. Busy working on several projects at once? We can assist you in delivering projects to your business in an efficient manner.
Our consultants are qualified in all aspects with the solutions we deliver, our project management methodology will give you the expert help you need, on time and in budget.

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Most organisations today have complex IT infrastructures that have evolved over time. The result is that maintaining a clear view of your IT assets including where they are located and how they are being used, is often problematic. Without accurate detailed information, opportunities to improve efficiency and compliance will be hard to identify and planning for change will be difficult and potentially dangerous.

101 Data Solutions Intelligent Audit service provides complete visibility of all IT assets. With a comprehensive audit and analysis of everything accessing a corporate network including servers, storage, network devices and software you can drive efficiency and compliancy and successfully plan for change programs.

Business Benefits

  • Improve Efficiency optimise hardware and software deployment, monitor and improve operational and support desk efficiency
  • Improve Compliance implement and monitor standards and security compliance and improve environmental reporting Enable
  • Enable Operational Change  understand the IT estate and plan effectively for hardware, desktop, storage and database transformation.



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