VMware vCloud Suite

VMware vCloud SuiteVMware vCloud Suite is an integrated solution for building and managing a complete cloud infrastructure that meets IT’s most critical needs. vCloud Suite fulfills the promise of the software-defined datacenter by pooling industry-standard hardware and running each layer of the datacenter as software-defined services. It creates pools of servers, storage and networking with dynamically configurable security, availability and management services which can meet the needs of any and all applications. Built-in self-service portal and catalog, policy-based infrastructure and application provisioning and automated operations management help to complete the picture.


As delivered by VMware vCloud Suite, the software-defined datacenter provides all the cloud infrastructure characteristics essential for success:

  • Standardized Homogeneous infrastructure delivered across pools of standard hardware, to eliminate unnecessary complexity.
  • Holistic unified platform optimized for the entire datacenter fabric, to support any and all workloads.
  • Adaptive Self-programmable infrastructure that dynamically configures and reconfigures the environment according to changing application demands.
  • Automated management framework with built-in intelligence to eliminate complex and brittle scripting, for cloud-scale operations with less manual effort and significant cost savings.
  • Resilient  software-based architecture that compensates for failing hardware, delivering unprecedented resiliency at minimum cost.



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