VMware vCloud Director

VMware vCloud Director orchestrates the provisioning of software defined datacenter services as complete virtual datacenters that are ready for consumption in a matter of minutes. Virtual datacenters provide virtualized computing, networking, storage, and security so that administrators can provision the complete set of services necessary to make workloads operational in minutes. Software-defined datacenter service and the virtual datacenters fundamentally simplify infrastructure provisioning, and enable IT to move at the speed of business.


Cloud computing leverages the efficient pooling of resources, delivered and consumed as a service. These resources can be provided externally by a third party in public clouds or internally by corporate IT in a private cloud. VMware vCloud Director enables you to build private and hybrid clouds that are compatible with VMware public clouds.

With IT as a service provider for the business, you gain the benefits of cloud computing with the security and control of your existing datacenter. Users experience unprecedented responsiveness and agility, and IT reduces costs through increased consolidation, task automation and simplified management. Applications can be deployed across private clouds, public clouds or both, giving you the ability to grow quickly while maintaining control and minimizing risk. You also retain the choice of using existing hardware, operating systems and applications or choosing new ones as needed.




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