Migration from ESX Server 2.5x to VMware Infrastructure 3

vMigrator is a powerful tool that can assist users of VMware Infrastructure to migrate to the next generation platform quickly and smoothly. Migrations from ESX Server 2.5x to VMware Infrastructure 3 (VI3) can involve hours of downtime per virtual machine (VM), whether the upgrade is done on the existing hardware or the VMs are moved to a new server.

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Migrating VMs from the ESX Server 2.5x platform to VI3 can be complicated, incur substantial downtime, and lower business productivity. vMigrator is designed to eliminate the challenges associated with porting VMs to a new platform. Currently, VMware cannot automate the process of migrating from VMware VirtualCenter 2 to VI3.

Maintains Data and Structural Integrity and Ensures Compliancy
vMigrator ensures that regardless of hardware and formatting, it will migrate the VMDK2 format file into VMDK3 format. vMigrator is 100 percent compatible and compliant with VMware’s recommendation in managing ESX Server 3 VM creations. vMigrator complies with all specifications for VMDK, VMX, and VMFS configurations. After the migration, the new VM will point to the converted VMDK file(s).

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