vFoglight (formerly vCharter Proâ„¢) provides layered views encompassing VirtualCenter, datacenter, clusters, resource pools, ESX Server, virtual machine and datastore levels. Beyond that, vFoglight can help administrators pinpoint resource contention issues among CPU, memory, disk or NIC.

VirtualCenter Integration
vFoglight fully integrates with VirtualCenter, using VMware APIs to enumerate the virtual environment without any need to add hosts or VMs manually. In addition to pulling infrastructure configuration from VirtualCenter, vFoglight provides intelligent analysis of VirtualCenter objects such as datacenters and clusters, and stores changes to the virtual environment over time to show performance trends.

vcharterpro diagram

GUI Interface
The graphical user interface for vFoglight provides a comprehensive view of performance for an entire virtual environment, with specialized views for each level of virtual infrastructure

Virtual Intelligence
Rather than simply reporting statistics, vFoglight understands each object’s role in the virtual environment and constantly analyzes performance data according to advanced rules and logic specific to that role.

Workload Migration Modeler
vFoglight offers the unique ability to predict the impact of migrating a virtual machine workload from one ESX Server to another.

Custom Options
In addition, vFoglight allows customers to easily create custom dashboards and reports via a simple user interface. Dashboards, rules, alarms, and reports can be created and customized to suit any environment’s needs.

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