The exponential growth of data and the resources needed to manage it is one of the most pressing issues facing business today. And it’s not just the amount of data. It’s where it lives and how it travels between private clouds, public clouds and back to on premises. In these increasingly complex IT environments, it’s important to focus on what’s constant: the data.

Every one of Veritas’ information management solutions – from business continuity to back up and recovery to software defined storage and information governance – is designed around the principle that information is more important than infrastructure.




Most of your IT infrastructure can now be outsourced to the cloud, but your information is the one asset you should own and exploit.

But how do you take maximum advantage of the multi-cloud world without creating a new set of data silos, and incurring hidden storage costs, stalled developers and greater compliance risk?

You need to take a 360° approach: all-round Protection, Availability and Insight for your data, no matter where it travels.



















Cloud services are a natural extension of your traditional data center infrastructure. The same should be true for your data. You should be able to visualize, migrate, protect, and move your data and workloads no matter where they reside – even across multiple clouds. Veritas work with all the leading cloud providers to give you choice, without compromising reliability.

Amazon Web Services – As IT organisations look to support their companies’ digital transformation efforts, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a growing part of their strategy. Customers on this journey require tools that enable seamless migration of data and application services to, from, and within AWS infrastructure. Veritas’ software-driven approach and 360 Data Management capabilities help these organisations accelerate their adoption of AWS as an extension of their IT strategy while allowing them to protect existing data centre investments.

Microsoft Azure – Enterprises are increasingly looking to Microsoft to help power their digital transformation as they adopt Azure cloud services and Office 365. These same organisations look to Veritas to help retain control of their data and stay in regulatory compliance. The strategic partnership between Veritas and Microsoft gives them the best of both worlds by accelerating their digital transformation while managing the data risks, complexity and costs that come with change.

Google Cloud – With data continuing to proliferate at an astounding rate, enterprises are looking to the cloud for help addressing the costs, risks, and practices that prevent simple, secure, and sustainable data storage. Veritas’ partnership with Google supports your organization’s digital transformation by letting you use Google Cloud Storage as your backup destination, archive data for eDiscovery and compliance, and perform disaster recovery to or from the Google Cloud Platform.

IBM – Enterprises are in the midst of an IT transformation and are demanding availability, scalability, and resiliency across their technology environments. Many are including the cloud as part of their hybrid infrastructure and need proven solutions to manage, optimize, and protect expanding data volumes, multitier business services, and high-performance applications. Veritas’ partnership with IBM supports this transformation by letting you use familiar resiliency, backup, and object storage services via IBM Cloud.





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