Top-down monitoring and performance tool for VMware Infrastructure

vCharter is the only comprehensive monitoring tool for VMware ESX Server that goes “under the hood” to provide a real-time and historical monitoring and performance control solution for your virtual environments. With vCharter, viewing performance information presented in real-time and over time enables informed decision making.

vizioncore vcharter diagram

vCharter provides a top-down view of the virtual infrastructure in a drill-down display of performance which shows each level of the environment beginning with the container level. The container level presents a rolled-up layer of performance for the hosts within the container, while the host-level view follows the container level and demonstrates vital statistics for each of the virtual machine guests in a holistic view. In addition to performance monitoring, vCharter offers the leading Chargeback solution for the VMware ESX Server environment. vCharter can be configured with cost properties at the Global, Host, and VM level to accurately capture the costs for a given environment and apportion those costs to VMs based on utilization.

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