Spectra Logic T950

Designed to meet the stringent requirements of the enterprise for data integrity, data security and high reliability, the T950 provides uncompromised features that you’ll find nowhere else. ¬†For data archive, backup and recovery, this elite library leads the field in innovation from the greatest storage density to proactive media management always protecting your data. This library has done it all first.

Our products include innovative features that save you time and money such as our tape libraries with LTO-5 tape drives, integrated data encryption, media health monitoring, low power consumption, and easy upgradability and maintenance.

We believe that Spectra Logic has the best tape libraries and best deduplication products available. Our products and backup solutions are changing the world of storage.

Tape Libraries

The Spectra T950’s BlueScale software is the library’s core intelligence, backed by ten generations of development and countless hours of development time. Its intelligence provides the Spectra T950 with current and future innovative features, such as free encryption with key management, media and hardware health monitoring, and remote camera monitoring.

The Spectra T950 is the only library to offer encryption and key management as seamless, integrated standard features. Spectra’s BlueScale Encryption utilizes AES-256 bit encryption through the library or LTO-6 and higher drives. It lets you seamlessly and affordably add encryption to your backup strategy, with no changes to backup policies and no additional hardware or software.



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