Spectra Logic T380

The Spectra T380 Mid-Range libraries are engineered to preserve your initial investment in storage. Investment protection is realized by utilizing components which are interchangeable among the T200, T380, T680, T950 and T-Finity libraries, allowing you to seamlessly transfer and scale (TranScale) library components between libraries as your organization grows. The Spectra T380 is designed to suit your requirements.


Spectra T380 BlueScale environment is the library’s core intelligence. BlueScale technology is backed by a decade’s work in data protection with tape and disk libraries. Its intelligence provides the Spectra T-Series current innovative features, as well as its ability to support new technologies as they evolve.

The BlueScale environment supports:

  • Integrated BlueScale Encryption that supplies hardware-based encryption through LTO-4 or LTO-5 hardware and total key management with no external hardware or software
  • Partitioning through Shared Library Services (SLS) without external hardware or software
  • Capacity on Demand (CoD), which lets you add capacity as you need it and when you need it, simply by logging onto the Spectra Logic Web site and requesting a key that you use to enable new slots
  • Hot-swap drives and controllers, redundant components, and high-density modular design
  • Guaranteed on-time support, including an assisted self-maintenance (ASM) option and AutoSupport
  • WORM-compatible media with LTO
  • Observatory, Remote Library Controller (RLC), and graphical touch-screen front panel to simplify library management and use
  • Connectivity with Fibre Channel and SCSI drives
  • Compatible with all major operating systems, backup software packages, and standard data center racks
  • Ground-breaking BlueScale EnergyAudit power monitoring feature



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