Spectra Logic BlackPearl


BlackPearl2UApplianceTo meet the demands of extreme data growth and long-term retention, the Spectra BlackPearl Deep Storage Appliance enables users to easily store massive data forever at virtually no cost.


BlackPearl takes advantage of tape’s low cost, economically scaling to Exabyte capacities. It also promotes reductions in OPEX related expenditure by leveraging Spectra T-Series environmental benefits of high-density footprints and low power consumption.

Reduce time managing long-term storage

Deep storage is the ultimate resting place for all data, and with BlackPearl there is no need to continually move data to another storage platform. BlackPearl minimizes the time spent moving data, allowing users to target objects for deep storage. With BlackPearl, users do not need any previous experience with tape library systems. BlackPearl handles how data is written to tape and also manages the tape library inventory, robotic commands and other aspects of how the library stores the data.

Integrating BlackPearl requires minimal software acquisition costs to attach deep storage in your environment by leveraging software clients based upon RESTful interfaces. Users can develop their own clients for the DS3 interface or leverage a library of existing software clients available through the Spectra Logic Developer Program.



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