Quest Rapid Recovery

Dell Rapid Recovery ImageOptimize your users application experience and simplify backup and recovery. Data Protection Rapid Recovery, the next generation of AppAssure software, lets you protect anything. Systems, apps and data anywhere, whether its physical, virtual and or in the cloud.

Connect to cloud simply and easily, and protect growing virtual environments automatically. Manage and configure your data protection in just a few clicks using one friendly, comprehensive GUI. With Rapid Recovery, you get one advanced, admin-friendly solution with all capabilities included.


When critical business systems fail, you don’t have time to cobble together multiple solutions or sort through complex options. You need a single, simple, flexible solution to protect everything, everywhere with zero impact on your users and make work easier for you in the process.  Rapid Recovery lets you protect anything, anywhere  systems, apps and data, whether its physical, virtual or in the cloud. Run without restore fast and easily. The next generation of AppAssure software, Rapid Recovery provides you with one reliable, admin-friendly solution which can be deployed as software or in scalable appliance form factor with all capabilities included.



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