Quest Identity and Access Management


One Identity helps organizations get identity and access management (IAM) right. With Quest’s unique combination of offerings, including a portfolio of identity governance, access management, privileged management and identity as a service solutions, organizations can achieve their full potential – unimpeded by security, yet safeguarded against threats.

Many vendors offer solutions similar to pieces of the One Identity family, but none offers the breadth across all areas of IAM or the success-enabling features.  Consider the unique, powerful and business agility-enabling benefits of One Identity:

1. Designed for governance – All One Identity solutions provide governance as an integral part of the overall solution, not as an afterthought or a poorly integrated add-on.

2. Business-driven – From access request and fulfilment to unified policy and enforcement, One Identity solutions place the power in the hands of those with the most at stake — the line of business.

3. Future-proof – Unlike other IAM products, One Identity solutions do not require extensive
customization. Their configurable approach means that the constant flow of change is easily, quickly and completely addressed in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost of traditional IAM frameworks.

4. Modular and integrated – One Identity solutions do not require an underlying technology framework, often the cause of failed IAM projects. With One Identity you can start anywhere and build with a wide range of solutions that easily plug into existing technologies and one another.

5. Ready to deliver value – This all adds up to an IAM approach front-loaded for success. With One Identity you deploy in weeks not years, you streamline and automate the tasks that previously were so difficult, you relieve the burden on IT and ultimately you save money while enabling business agility.


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