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Data Protection

Quest Rapid Recovery: Optimize your users application experience and simplify backup and recovery. 

Data Protection Rapid Recovery, the next generation of AppAssure software, lets you protect anything systems, apps and data anywhere, whether it’s physical, virtual and or in the cloud.

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Quest NetVault: Simplified Data Protection for Physical, Virtual and Application Environments

NetVault is a scalable solution that simplifies data protection across physical or virtual environments and applications, helping you to easily achieve your backup and recovery SLAs, get faster return on investment and reduce the total cost of ownership for data protection.

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Quest vRanger: VMware and Hyper-V backup software solution thats simple, fast and scalable

Data Protection vRanger software provides high-speed backup and recovery of VMware, Microsoft, Hyper-V, and physical Windows Server environments. It also provides high-speed replication for VMware.

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Quest DR4100 Backup Device

Companies of all sizes increasingly struggle with the relentless growth of data they must manage. Essential to the business yet often redundant in nature, data can strain storage and backup processes as administrators strive to ensure data availability and integrity while still meeting capacity and backup window constraints. The DR4000 deduplication and compression backup appliance can help customers to alleviate these growing problems. By removing redundant data from the backup work stream the DR4100 can drastically reduce the storage footprint, enable core backup data to remain on disk and online longer, provide faster and more reliable restores, and reduce the complexity around tape management.

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Quest DR6000 Backup Device: Enterprise- level, purpose-built appliance

The  DR6000 offers the industry’s first source-side ingest protocol accelerators for NFS/CIFS backup: Rapid NFS and Rapid CIFS. The DR6000 scales up to 252TB of usable post-RAID capacity using four expansion shelves in 9, 18, 27, 36 and 54TB configurations.

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Quest VROOM: Quest VROOM accelerates the performance of your entire virtual infrastructure, transforms the application experience for users, and helps you control license and hardware costs.

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DB Management

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