PivotStor TL8000 8U Tape Library

pivotstor-TL8000-8u Tape device

PivotStor TL8000 8U tape libraries meet a wide range of continually growing data storage requirements including data retention compliance, backup, archive and disaster recovery for medium to large organizations. The TL8000 product family is designed with a high degree of scalability by providing the customer to upgrade their solution onsite with up to four (4) LTO-3HH/LTO-4HH tape drives or up to four (4) LTO-3/LTO-4 full-height drive in a compact 8U design.


Chassis Form-Factor 8U
Tape Drives Supported LTO-4 Ultrium,
LTO-4HH Ultrium
LTO-3 Ultrium,
LTO-3HH Ultrium
Number of Tape Drives (1-4) LTO-4 Ultrium,
(1-4) LTO-4HH Ultrium,
(1-4) LTO-3 Ultrium
(1-4) LTO-3HH Ultrium
Maximum Number of Tape Cartridge Slots 96
Maximum Compressed Capacity (x 96 slots) LTO-4 and LTO-4HH: 153.6TB
LTO-3 and LTO-3HH: 76.8TB
Maximum Compressed Data Transfer Rate LTO-4: 864GB/hr per drive
LTO-3 and LTO-4HH: 576GB/hr per drive
LTO-3HH: 432GB/hr per drive
Interface Supported LTO-4: FC 4Gb, Ultra320 SCSI LVD/SE
LTO-4HH: SAS 3Gb/sec
LTO-3: FC 4Gb, Ultra320 SCSI LVD/SE
LTO-3HH: SAS 3Gb/sec, Ultra320 SCSI LVD/SE
Includes All models: Rack-mount/rail kit, US and UK power cords, ethernet cable, install poster, CD with user guide SCSI LVD specific models: 1 6-ft VHDCI to HDTS68 SCSI cable per tape drive, 1 .5m LVD HDTS to LVD HDTS daisy chain cable (dual drive models only), and 1 terminator per SCSI drive SAS specific models: 2m external fan-out to 4 mini SAS 1x SAS cable

Standard Models

Number of LTO Ultrium Drives/Slots 1 Drive/96 slots 2 Drives/96 slots
LTO-4, Ultra320 SCSI LVD AP-TL8113A AP-TL8206A
LTO-4HH, SAS 3Gb/sec AP-TL8115A AP-TL8207A
LTO-4, Fibre Channel 4Gb AP-TL8111A AP-TL8204A
LTO-3, Ultra320 SCSI LVD AP-TL8110A AP-TL4203A
LTO-3, Fibre Channel 4Gb AP-TL8109A AP-TL8202A
LTO-3HH, Ultra320 SCSI LVD AP-TL8108A AP-TL8201A
LTO-3HH, SAS 3Gb/sec AP-TL8107A AP-TL8200A

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