PivotStor TL4000 4U Tape Library


The PivotStor TL4000 4U Tape Library family provides both timesaving and cost-saving capabilities by automating both backup, restore and archiving functions. The user can install tape cartridges into the library and set the backup software to the optimal schedule for their organization.



Chassis Form-Factor 4U
Tape Drives Supported LTO-4 Ultrium,
LTO-4HH Ultrium,
LTO-3 Ultrium,
LTO-3HH Ultrium
Number of Tape Drives (1-2) LTO-4 Ultrium
(1-4) LTO-4HH Ultrium
(1-2) LTO-3 Ultrium
(1-4) LTO-3HH Ultrium
Maximum Number of Tape Cartridge Slots 48
Maximum Compressed Capacity (x 48 slots) LTO-4 and LTO-4HH: 76.8TB
LTO-3 and LTO-3HH: 38.4TB
Maximum Compressed Data Transfer Rate LTO-4: 864GB/hr per drive
LTO-3 and LTO-4HH: 576GB/hr per drive
LTO-3HH: 432GB/hr per drive
Interface Supported LTO-4: FC 4Gb, Ultra320 SCSI LVD/SE
LTO-4HH: SAS 3Gb/sec
LTO-3: FC 4Gb, Ultra320 SCSI LVD/SE
LTO-3HH: SAS 3Gb/sec, Ultra320 SCSI LVD/SE
Includes All models: Rack-mount/rail kit, US and UK power cords, ethernet cable, install poster, CD with user guide SCSI LVD specific models: 1 6-ft VHDCI to HDTS68 SCSI cable per tape drive, 1 .5m LVD HDTS to LVD HDTS daisy chain cable (dual drive models only), and 1 terminator per SCSI drive SAS specific models: 2m external fan-out to 4 mini SAS 1x SAS cable

Standard Models

Number of LTO Ultrium Drives/Slots 1 Drive/48 slots 2 Drives/48 slots
LTO-4, Ultra320 SCSI LVD AP-TL4106A AP-TL4206A
LTO-4HH, SAS 3Gb/sec AP-TL4107A AP-TL4207A
LTO-4, Fibre Channel 4Gb AP-TL4104A AP-TL4204A
LTO-3, Ultra320 SCSI LVD AP-TL4103A AP-TL4203A
LTO-3, Fibre Channel 4Gb AP-TL4102A AP-TL4202A
LTO-3HH, Ultra320 SCSI LVD AP-TL4101A AP-TL4201A
LTO-3HH, SAS 3Gb/sec AP-TL4100A AP-TL4200A

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