Dealing with unexpected problems created by infrastructure complexity is a headache of the past. InfoSight uses cloud-based predictive analytics to anticipate and prevent problems before they impact your business and ensure data reliably gets to your applications.


Predictive and prevents problems – Every second, InfoSight analyzes millions of sensors across thousands of customers and uses the information to predict and prevent problems in your environment, even those outside of storage. And, if it uncovers an issue, InfoSight proactively resolves it before your business is impacted. In fact, InfoSight automatically predicts and resolves 86% of problems.

Global Visibility & Learning – InfoSight sees what others can’t, providing deep health and performance insights into your environment and predicting future needs. It sees from the past to the future, giving clear insights spanning your infrastructure from storage to VMs. And, your infrastructure gets smarter by learning from the experiences of the installed base.

Support you actually like – InfoSight has transformed the support experience with predictive analytics. InfoSight automates Level 1 and 2 problems, which has allowed Nimble to staff a support center with only Level 3 engineers. If you need support, our engineers answer the call in less than 1 minute on average, and they already have all the data needed to solve even the most complex problems quickly. You never have to recreate a problem or send log files again. It’s the support you’ve always wanted.

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