HP MSA20Overview

Delivers the ideal mix of low-cost and high capacity, for minimum I/O workloads such as reference data, archival, and disk-to-disk backup.

The HP StorageWorks 20 Modular Smart Array Enclosure (MSA20) is a SATA disk drive storage enclosure with Ultra320 SCSI host connectivity. These enclosures deliver industry-leading availability, storage density, and upgradeability to meet customers’ demanding and growing storage needs. The MSA20 delivers the ideal mix of low-cost and high capacity, for minimum I/O workloads such as reference data, archiving, and disk-to-disk backup. The MSA20 provides storage capacity of up to 9TB per enclosure (using 750GB 1-inch SATA disk drives). Modular design allows up to 21 enclosures to be mounted in one 42U rack for a single rack storage capacity of up to 189TB of disk storage or up to 8 enclosures in an MSA1500 or a MSA1510i configuration for storage capacity of 64TB in an entry-level SAN.

Features and Benefits

  • Value: Affordable Capacity –
    The 20 Modular Smart Array cabinet supports up to twelve 1″ SATA hard drives, for a maximum of 9TB of storage capacity using HP 750GB SATA 1″ hard drives Support for Serial-ATA 250GB, 500GB and 750GB drives allows up to 9TB of raw storage capacity in a 2U enclosure Up to 64TB of raw storage capacity in 18U when deployed behind the MSA1500 or a MSA1510i SAN controller shelf
    Lowest cost per MB in the MSA family of products
  • Agility–Data Protection –
    128MB Battery backed write cache with 72hr battery life
    Integrated Smart Array technology to minimize drive rebuild time
    Support for RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, & RAID 6 with Advanced Data Guarding (ADG)
    Combined with StorageWorks Storage Mirroring (OVSM) the MSA20 is ideal for host based replication
  • Simplicity–Easy deployment and management –
    U320 host connectivity for support behind 6th generation
    Smart Array controllers
    Simple configuration and setup with HP’s Array Configuration Utility (ACU)
    Easy to maintain and troubleshoot with industry standard management tools including HP Systems Insight Manager
  • Value: Investment protection –
    U320 host connectivity
    Universal serial-ATA disk technology
    Common configuration interface from generation to generation with HP’s Array Configuration Utility (ACU)
  • Value: High Availability features –
    Hot-pluggable disk drives, power supplies, and fans
    Hot-plug redundant fans and power supplies
    Each MSA20 enclosure comes with dual power supplies that are sufficient to provide power to the enclosure and maintain normal operating levels
    Integrated Environmental Monitoring – Monitors environmental conditions within the enclosure and components such as the power supply and fans
    Easy removal of parts provides better serviceability. No tools are required!
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    HP MSA 20 Quick Specs PDF

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