Isilon S-Series Platform Node

Purpose-built for IOPS-Intensive Applications

The Isilon S-Series S200 Platform, built on Isilon’s proven scale-out technology, accelerates business and increases speed-to-market with ultra-fast primary storage for mission critical, high transactional, and random access file-based applications.


The Isilon S-Series S200 surpasses the limits of traditional primary file storage, delivering over 1.6 million IOPS and 85 gigabytes per second (GBps) of aggregate throughput, all from a single file system.

Simplicity and Ease of Use

You can install, configure and have an Isilon S-Series S200 cluster online in under 10 minutes, without specialized services or certifications.

Cost Savings

With impressive performance benchmarks, the Isilon S-Series S200 affords the best dollar per I/O solution available.

Isilon’s Scale-out Storage Platform, powered by the OneFS® operating system, combines a robust suite of management applications and industry-standard, enterprise-class hardware to deliver meaningful and sustainable productivity enhancements.

Isilon S-Series Platform Node Datasheet

Isilon S200 Datasheet

Isilon Scale-Out Storage Platform Overview

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