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Scale-out NAS Applications for The Enterprise

As managing data is mission-critical for most organizations and enterprises, the need for software applications to meet critical data protection, access, management and availability needs becomes ever more important.  To complete the Isilon Scale-out NAS Platform, Isilon has developed and delivered the industry’s first suite of scale-out NAS software applications for the enterprise.

Smart Features


With SmartPools, multiple tiers of Isilon scale-out NAS nodes (including S-Series, X-Series, and NL-Series) can exist within a single file system, with a single point of management, enabling you to right-size and accelerate working sets while automatically and transparently moving inactive data to more cost-effective storage.

SmartPools unlocks the ability to aggregate and consolidate applications, providing workflow isolation, higher utilization, and independent scalability–all with a single point of management. SmartPools is policy-driven, so you can define the value of the data within workflows and SmartPools will automatically align the data to the appropriate price/performance tier over time.

SmartPools Datasheet


SmartConnect allows IT Managers to meet the demands of an always-on, 24x7x365 world delivering the highest levels of performance and industry leading high availability. With intelligent client connection load balancing and failover support, SmartConnect optimizes Isilon scale-out storage performance and availability.

SmartConnect Datasheet


SmartQuotas allows you to control and limit storage usage and to easily provision a single pool of Isilon scale-out storage.  Using SmartQuotas, you can assign quotas that seamlessly partition storage into easily managed segments for quotas at the cluster, directory, sub-directory, user, and group levels. With SmartQuotas as part of your Isilon scale-out storage platform, you have thin provisioning capability to easily present more storage capacity to applications and users than is physically installed.

SmartQuotas Datasheet

IQ Features


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