Dell EMC VNXe 3300

Whether the task at hand is consolidating storage to better manage resources and protect data, or improving IT resource utilization with server virtualization, the VNXe series provides the ready answer. VNXe systems are uniquely capable of delivering unified IP storage for NAS and iSCSI while simplifying operations and reducing management overhead.


The VNXe 3300 includes all of the ease of use and application-driven management features of the VNXe 3100, along with increased performance, scalability, and I/O expandability. Both systems share a comprehensive set of features including exceptional capacity utilization, data protection and availability solutions, and advanced support capabilities.

Deploying a highly functional shared storage system should be an on-ramp to efficiency for your IT infrastructure, not a roadblock to greater productivity. Too often, however, the increased capabilities of advanced network storage come at the price of new interfaces to master, new terminology to decipher, and new processes to learn. VNXe systems take a fundamentally different approach, aligning storage management with applications, avoiding arcane storage terms for plain language, and embedding storage and application best practices into the user interface for a faster, simpler user experience in completing everyday administrative tasks.



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