Dell EMC Avamar

Dell EMC Avamar backup and recovery solutions utilize patented global data deduplication technology to identify redundant data at the source, minimizing backup data before it is sent over the LAN/WAN. With Avamar, you can achieve new levels of data reduction and enable fast, secure backup for your VMware environments, remote offices, and data center LANs. In the process, you’ll reduce backup time, growth of secondary storage, and network utilization.

Technical Spec


Dell EMC Avamar family ensure fast, secure backup and recovery for your VMware environments, regional offices, and data center LANs with global, source-based data deduplication.

Dell EMC Avamar Data Store backup and recovery integrates patented Dell EMC Avamar global, source-based data deduplication software with pre-configured Dell EMC-certified hardware for streamlined deployment, management, and service. With the Avamar Data Store, you can reduce network utilization, secondary storage growth, and backup time, enabling cost-effective and efficient long-term retention on disk.

Avamar Data Store, available in several hardware appliance models ranging from single-node to scalable, multi-node servers, enables fast, reliable, and secure backup for VMware environments, remote offices, and data center LANs.

Dell EMC Avamar Virtual Edition for VMware, a fully virtualized backup and recovery solution, combines the value of data deduplication with the efficiencies of VMware virtual infrastructure. With Avamar Virtual Edition you’ll accelerate and simplify virtual machine backup and eliminate the need for a dedicated backup server infrastructure.

Avamars patented global, source-based data deduplication technology enables you to reduce the size of backup data within and across virtual machines before it traverses the network or virtual infrastructure and is stored. This will unburden your underlying hardware resources, and in turn increase backup performance in your virtualized environment.



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