Data Domain DD7200

EMC Data Domain DD7200Dell EMC Data Domain DD7200 deduplication storage system reduces the amount of storage needed to protect backup and archive data by an average of 10-30 times, making disk a cost-effective alternative to tape. Data on disk is available online and onsite for longer retention periods, and restores become fast and reliable. Storing only unique data on disk also means that data can be cost-effectively replicated over existing networks for fast, reliable disaster recovery (DR).

  • Seamless Integration: Integrates easily into existing storage infrastructures
  • High-Speed Deduplication: Throughput of up to 26 TB per hour – complete more backups sooner while putting less pressure on limited backup windows
  • Network-Efficient Replication: Sends only deduplicated and compressed data across the network, requiring a fraction of the bandwidth, time, and cost compared to traditional replication methods
  • Safe and Reliable: Continuous recovery verification, fault detection, and self healing ensures reliable recovery and access.

The Data Domain DD7200 includes Data Domain System Manager, a Web-based interface that simplifies data and replication management.

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