Data Domain DD160

The Data Domain Appliance Series delivers high-throughput, scalable deduplication storage for the distributed enterprise. From the DD160 small enterprise data center and remote office appliance to the high-capacity DD890 system for large enterprise data centers, all Data Domain systems provide cost-effective, long-term onsite retention and network-efficient replication for disaster recovery, remote office data protection and tape consolidation.


The DD160 is a cost-effective and scalable deduplication storage solution for small data centers and provides remote office data protection for distributed enterprises. The DD160 provides extended disk-based onsite data retention and can help eliminate tape backups from small enterprise data centers as well as from remote sites by consolidating tape backups to a central site for fast, efficient disaster recovery.

Data Domain deduplication storage systems are qualified with all leading enterprise backup software and archiving applications and integrate easily into existing storage infrastructures.




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