DotHill 3330

3330 Eight-Port 1Gb SAN RAID System

iSCSI SAN Storage Arrays for iSCSI Architectures OEM and Integrator model

Dot Hill’s 3330 for OEMs and Integrators brings affordable 1Gb/second iSCSI storage capabilities to address expanding bandwidth demands driven by network convergence and I/O port consolidation trends. With eight ports of 1Gb iSCSI connectivity, the these Dot Hill storage arrays provide providing greater data access speeds for virtual server environments, near line backup, database, online transaction processing, and IP-based surveillance.


Enhancing the iSCSI SAN Environment

You can implement Dot Hill’s 3330 SAN storage array into current infrastructures and gain immediate benefits from greater access speeds, reduced energy consumption, data protection software and an easy management system.
The 3330 features 3.5-inch disk drives. Mixed SAS, SATA, SSDs can be deployed in these arrays and up to seven JBOD expansion units can be easily added.

Applications for a 3330 Array

Virtualized storage for virtual server environments
Nearline backup
On line transaction processing
IP-based video surveillance systems/CCTV

SAN Storage Data Protection

Dot Hill’s 3000 series comes with optional AssuredSnap and AssuredCopy data protection software. With up to 1000 snapshots capability, they offer necessary protection for business critical applications. AssuredSnap and AssuredCopy data protection software can be easily added at the point of sale or afterwards, through the Try & Buy menu in the management interface.

Eco-friendly SAN Storage

Dot Hill storage also features a number of eco-friendly enhancements such as drive-spin-down capability and Bronze rated power supplies for reduced operating costs. The 3330 also includes Dot Hill’s patented EcoStor green battery-free alternative for cache memory, which leverages a combination of super capacitors and flash memory that outlast traditional batteries. Business can lower maintenance and disposal costs, and reduce server and application down time associated with battery replacement.

SAN Storage Made Easy

The 3330 arrays are easy to configure and manage with RAIDar 2.0, DotHill’s intuitive web based interface which provides storage setup and monitoring without the need for host based software. RAIDar 2.0 saves time with configuration and installation wizards, and a scheduler for snapshots.



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