Dot Hill AssuredSAN Pro 5000 Series

Dothill AssuredSAN Pro 5000 SeriesDot Hill’s AssuredSAN Pro 5000 Series adds automated tiered storage capabilities to our SAN storage line-up. Using the Pro 5000 Series with integrated RealStor management software, IT managers can improve data responsiveness, remove provisioning and allocation guesswork, and simplify storage management and expansion. RealStor, Dot Hill’s unique, patent pending software takes tiered storage to a more advanced level – beyond batch data migration to Real-Time automated tiered storage, that continuously responds to user data demands by moving ‘hot’ data to a high-speed SSD tier.


Auto-tiering with RealTier

RealTier, a key component of the 5000 Series, allows you to easily implement Automated Tiered Storage that continuously responds to user data demands by moving hot data to an SSD tier. RealTier algorithms continuously and dynamically identify data hot spots, moving them to faster media to increase and leverage the capabilities of SSD drives and high-performance SAS drives. Data analysis and movement happen in real-time, as the system responds minute by minute to workload demands, delivering a highly responsive storage infrastructure.

The 5000 Series automated tiered storage solutions takes advantage of small page size, real time data movement, and automated management of storage tiers to provide levels of responsiveness that surpass competitive offerings. Using specifically configured tiers comprised of SSDs, SAS drives and Nearline SAS, IT managers are able to build storage systems that fully support the data needs of their virtualized environments.

Virtualization and Data Demands

Consolidating and virtualizing servers and applications can increase demands on storage creating contention and slowing response times for data queries. Queries for specific data can heat up quickly in many applications, and go cold just as quickly. By using a storage solution that easily identifies user trends, hot data can be moved to the SSD Tier making it much quicker to access. Some common applications where data heats up and cools quickly can be email, current news, online ticket sales, class registrations, web retail, airline ticketing and there are many others.

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