Dot Hill 5730

The 5730 features a 12-drive array housed in a 2 rack-unit (2U) enclosure providing 4Gb FC interfaces to internal SAS or SATA-II disk drives. The use of a dual internal SAS interface allows up to nine disk enclosures (including the RAID enclosure) delivering a total of 108 drives. The 5730 adapts to a broad range of applications, and the capability to mix both SATA and SAS technology within a single disk enclosure provides an optimum tiered storage environment for Information Lifecycle Management.


Revolutionary performance, availability, quality and value

The 5730 uses revolutionary new SimulCache technology that instantly and simultaneously mirrors cache between RAID controllers, leading to significant performance improvements over traditional implementations.

The use of RAID cache batteries has been completely eliminated with the introduction of super capacitors, providing infinite cache backup during a power loss while being environmentally friendly.

AssuredSnap provides the 5730 with built-in volume snapshot capability allowing point-in-time copies that can be used to maximize business continuity.

AssuredCopy creates a full volume copy (vs. a logical volume copy with AssuredSnap) providing additional protection against vdisk failure and eliminating application I/O contention when accessing the same data blocks.


The 5730 has been independently tested and certified as compliant to the appropriate telecommunications industry standards including NEBS Level 3 and the rigorous MIL-STD 810F requirements of the US Department of Defense for air, land and sea deployment).

Storage Made Easy

Arrays in the 5730 arrays are easy to configure and manage with the RAIDar 2.0 Web Based Interface (WBI) which provides storage setup and monitoring without the need for host based software.

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