Dot Hill 3533

Dot Hill’s AssuredSAN products and solutions combine high performance and capacity storage arrays with innovative and comprehensive storage management, allowing for instant Store, Backup and Restore of critical data. The AssuredSAN family of products is ideal for the storage administrator looking for features and benefits that can ease the IT workload.


Dot Hill’s AssuredSAN 3523 and 3533 Series offer exceptional value and performance and are specifi cally designed and optimized for sequential workloads, providing exceptional throughput for media and entertainment applications. In lab tests AssuredSAN 3523 and 3533 arrays demonstrate higher performance for read and writes which increases the performance of video streaming, rendering, and post-production workflows. AssuredSAN storage arrays support Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows environments.


  • On-demand video
  •  Post-production editing
  • Disaster Recovery
  • High IO applications such as electronic trading, EDI, scientifi c research
  • Business applications – MS Exchange, Database, Server Virtualization
  • Video Surveillance

Environmentally Responsible

Utilizing Dot Hill’s patented EcoStor technology, these systems have completely eliminated cache batteries, using instead super capacitors and flash memory to provide infinite cache backup during a power loss, while being environmentally friendly. The AssuredSAN 3000 Series also features energy saving drive-spin-down. With the addition of drive spin-down, mixed drive type support and dual protocol in-terfaces, users can now combine both high performance primary volumes and secondary storage with different performance and energy usage profiles in the same physical unit.

Enhanced Performance

The storage systems leverage patented SimulCache technology that instantly and simultaneously mirrors cache between RAID controllers, leading to significant performance improvements over traditional implementations.

Data Protection

Equipped with AssuredRemoteTM remote replication software, these systems provide the easiest array-to-array remote replication solution on the market today, enabling disaster recovery protection and business continuity with support for up to 1000 snapshots per storage array. By providing centralized, array-level replication, AssuredRemote offloads backup operations from critical application
servers, and aids IT managers in complying with regulations such as the HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley acts. With two AssuredSAN arrays and AssuredRemote replication software you can easily implement an affordable disaster recovery orcentralized backup solution.

Tech Specs


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