Dot Hill 3430

The AssuredSAN 3420C and 3430C bring affordable 10Gb/second iSCSI storage capabilities to address expanding bandwidth demands driven by network convergence and I/O port consolidation trends. With 10Gb iSCSI connectivity, the AssuredSAN 3420C and 3430C storage arrays provide greater data access speed to support your virtual server, VDI, post production, streaming and high performance computing applications.


Dot Hill’s AssuredSAN Solutions offer an innovative and comprehensive view of storage management Store, Back up and Restore instantly. The ssuredSAN Solutions combine high performance and high capacity storage with the ease of the RAIDar management GUI which provides a complete set of features and tools to ensure that storage administration is the easiest job in the datacenter.

Today’s solutions should not only store data, but ensure that it can be restored in an instant. That is where the AssuredSAN 3420S and 3430S come in their 10Gb iSCSI hosts can double throughput, providing power to support your most demanding applications, along with optimal levels of data protection. With Dot Hill’s solutions you have the assurance that you can store, instantly back up, and instantly restore from that spot. And you don’t have to be a storage expert to make it work.

These next generation iSCSI storage arrays are ideal for small to medium sized organizations that are experiencing growing bandwidth demands, driven by network convergence and I/O port consolidation trends. The AssuredSAN 3420 and 3430 SAN storage systems are designed to scale with your networking environment, providing greater data access speed for distributed computing, virtual server, and other demanding applications.



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