Dell Equallogic PS6100S

The Dell EqualLogic PS6100S is an enterprise-class iSCSI SAN array ideal for organizations looking for an affordable and easy means to bring the low latency performance benefits of SSD technology to your demanding applications. The PS6100S provides higher IOPS and as little as 1/3rd the latency of 15K RPM disk arrays for challenging applications, such as Oracle or SQL tempdb databases or virtual desktop implementations such as VMware View with linked clone technology.


With a 24 drive chassis full of 400GB 2.5” SSD drives, the PS6100S array delivers a 9.6TB iSCSI storage array in a 2/U rack, providing optimal IOPS/U. Built on fully-redundant, hot-swappable enterprise hardware and a front-loading rack, drive changes can be made without disruption.

Scale out with other PS6100s arrays for additional SSD performance or with other PS6100 and PS4100 series arrays for a tiered SAN. Built-in software functionality includes SAN HeadQuarters (SAN HQ) multi-SAN historical performance monitoring, automated load balancing, Microsoft and VMware application integration, SAsnapshots and replication, multi-path I/O, consistency sets, and much more.

Seamlessly integrated with all other EqualLogic PS Series storage arrays, the PS6100S with SSD drives is the ideal choice for organizations looking for affordable access to low latency and high-I/O storage. And with online data movement between tiers, you gain flexibility to adjust without disruption as your business evolves.

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