Dell Equallogic PS4100XV 3.5″

The Dell EqualLogic PS4100 Series of virtualized iSCSI SAN arrays are designed to bring enterprise-class features, intelligence, automation and reliability to remote or branch office, departmental and small-to-medium business (SMB) storage deployments.

The PS4100 Series addresses branch office and SMB storage needs with simplified administration, rapid deployment and an affordable price, while providing a full set of enterprise-class data protection and management features, high performance, scalability and fault-tolerance. With 12 SAS 3.5″ HDDs and up to 7.2 terabytes of capacity, the PS4100XV 3.5″ is an excellent balance of cost, capacity and performance. And its space-saving 2U/3.5″ form factor optimizes performance per rack U.


To grow storage capacity and performance for remote office needs, two PS4100 arrays can be combined in a SAN group. To further scale out the SAN, EqualLogic PS6100 arrays can be added seamlessly without sacrificing the initial investment in PS4100 arrays.

To help prevent both under-utilization and over-provisioning, EqualLogic PS Series arrays are based on a virtualized modular storage architecture that enables IT managers to purchase only the storage they need, when they need it. Using innovative data movement technology, all EqualLogic PS Series arrays within a SAN work together to automatically manage data, load balance across all resources, and expand to meet growing storage needs.

Offering built-in storage features previously available only to top-tier data centers, the PS4100X enables best-practice storage for remote, branch-office and departmental deployments. The EqualLogic PS Series arrays include the following enterprise data services and software features with no additional software licensing fees: SAN HeadQuarters (SAN HQ) Multi-SAN historical performance monitoring, auto-replication, RAID load balancing, complete SAN virtualization, thin provisioning and much more.

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