Dell Equallogic PS4100E

The Dell EqualLogic PS4100 Series of virtualized iSCSI SAN arrays are designed to bring enterprise-class features, intelligence, automation and reliability to remote or branch office, departmental and small-to-medium business (SMB) storage deployments.

The PS4100 Series addresses branch office and SMB storage needs with simplified administration, rapid deployment and an affordable price, while providing a full set of enterprise-class data protection and management features, solid performance, scalability and fault-tolerance. With up to 12 NL-SAS disk drives per modular array, the PS4100E can deliver up to 36TB of storage in a 2U/3.5″ drive solution, providing outstanding capacity value and optimized performance per rack U.


To grow storage capacity and performance for remote office needs, two PS4100 arrays can be combined in a SAN group. To further scale out the SAN, EqualLogic PS6100 arrays can be added seamlessly without sacrificing the initial investment in PS4100 arrays.

All PS Series storage arrays include SAN configuration features and capabilities that sense network connections, automatically build RAID sets, and conduct system health checks to help ensure that all components are fully functional. The PS4100E is designed to be installed, configured, and serving storage in less than one hour. To improve enterprise-wide storage management, the EqualLogic SAN HeadQuarters (SAN HQ) software tool provides centralized performance and event monitoring of EqualLogic SANs across multiple sites, for instance PS4100 deployments at branch offices and PS6100 deployments in corporate data centers.

Offering built-in storage features previously available only to top-tier data centers, the PS4100E enables best-practice storage for remote, branch-office and departmental deployments. The EqualLogic PS Series arrays include the following enterprise data services and software features with no additional software licensing fees: SAN HQ multi-SAN historical performance monitoring, auto-replication, RAID load balancing, complete SAN virtualization, RAID load balancing, storage pools, thin provisioning and much more.

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