Dell Equallogic 6210XV 3.5

Dell Equallogic PS6210XV 3.5The new generation of EqualLogic solutions help accelerate your most critical business services and application tasks. Powered by the updated 7.0 firmware, the PS6210 family of high-performance arrays is ideal for virtualization, databases, consolidation and heavy IO applications.


Build out and customize your storage system to meet your needs by combining new PS6210 arrays and FS76x0 NAS appliances with existing EqualLogic arrays.

High-performance 15K RPM HDD system with higher capacity than the 2.5″ 15K RPM drive XV array for applications with high-capacity and high-performance requirements.

The Dell EqualLogic PS6210 arrays offer IT generalists the ability to manage more data with fewer resources. The family has the capability to tightly integrate with common application environments and the flexibility to use with various operating systems.

EqualLogic PS6210 Series Arrays provide enhanced storage performance for the small-to-medium enterprise with the simplicity of the EqualLogic product line. Dell EqualLogic PS6210 arrays can drive up to approximately 2GB/sec of throughput per array for sequential, large-block workloads. In addition, flash-enabled EqualLogic PS6210 arrays provide up to 3 times the random performance of prior-generation arrays.

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