Dell traces its origins to 1984 when Michael Dell created PCs Limited, now as Dell, it is one of the largest manufacturers of computers and network infrastructure in the world.

Dell solutions are suitable for both Small to medium business and large Enterprise organisations, Dell’s innovative outlook across its portfolio allows for a robust and dynamic infrastructure at affordable prices.

101 Data Solutions have partnered with Dell for over three years and can offer a great deal of value not only in selecting the correct hardware but with installation, project management and support services for all of Dell’s products. 101 Data Solutions are a Dell Certified Partner.


Dell PowerEdge FX2 Enclosure is a 2U hybrid rack-based computing platform that combines the density and efficiencies of blades with the simplicity and cost benefits of rack-based systems. With an innovative modular design that accommodates IT resource building blocks of various sizes  compute, storage, networking and management the FX2 enables data centers to construct their infrastructures with greater flexibility.


An essential part of Dell’s IT portfolio, Dell PowerEdge servers have set the industry standard for simplifying operations, driving leading-edge price performance and delivering business relevant IT solutions. Dell”s expansive family of award-winning servers easily integrates with one another and with other leading enterprise software products” to help reduce complexity and maximise IT resources.

Dell PowerEdge C4130 is an incredibly dense rack server designed to accelerate a range of demanding workloads including high-performance computing (HPC).

Dell PowerEdge R230 Consolidate data and drive applications faster with the powerful, efficient and versatile PowerEdge R230 1-socket, 1U entry rack server.

Dell PowerEdge R320 Experience enterprise-class features in the rack-optimized 1U PowerEdge R320 server ” ideal for your core business applications

Dell PowerEdge R330 Drive SMB and remote office/branch office applications faster with a powerful and expandable 1-socket, high-availability entry rack server.

Dell PowerEdge R420 Get an energy-efficient, dense 1U server for your applications with the PowerEdge R420, featuring next-generation processing and flexible I/O options.

Dell PowerEdge R430 The PowerEdge R430 is a short-depth (24″) entry rack server. It is an excellent fit for a wide range of workloads.

Dell PowerEdge R515 Featuring the latest AMD Opteron  processor technology, the PowerEdge R515 gives you outstanding price for performance with optional enterprise-class features for department, branch and small-business applications.

Dell PowerEdge R630 Maximize data center efficiency with an ultra-dense virtualization or database engine that supports up to 24 flash SSDs in a 1U chassis.

Dell PowerEdge R640 Get scalable computing and storage in a 1U, 2-socket platform with an ideal mix of performance, cost and density for most data centers.

Dell PowerEdge R730 Adapt to virtually any workload with a scalable server featuring an optimal mix of memory, storage, processing and GPUs

Dell PowerEdge R730XD Boost workload efficiency like never before with unprecedented PowerEdge in-chassis storage flexibility.

Dell PowerEdge R740 Maximize application performance with the optimal mix of accelerator cards, storage and compute power in a 2U, 2-socket platform optimized for VDI.

Dell PowerEdge R740XD Increase storage scalability and performance with up to 24 NVMe drives and a total of 32 x 2.5” or 18 x 3.5”drives in a 2U dual-socket platform.

Dell PowerEdge R820 Enhance data center application capacity by expanding your virtual environment using the massive memory footprint, I/O (input/output) options, processing power and flexible fabric choices of the PowerEdge R820.

Dell PowerEdge R930 Scalability to maximize performance- Accelerate enterprise applications with Dell’s most powerful server featuring highly scalable processing, memory and internal storage.

Dell PowerEdge R940 Power your mission-critical applications and make real-time decisions with the 4-socket R940 in just 3U with up to 12 NVMe drives.



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