Infortrend SANWatch Snapshot

SANWatch Snapshot is tailor-made to provide instantaneous point-in-time copies of data that look and behave like complete backups without consuming equivalent disk space for EonStor RAID subsystem. EonStor arrays equipped with SANWatch Snapshot will further protect stored data from accidental or malicious loss, quickly perform data recovery, and easily retrieve lost data with minimum interference to system performance and I/O access. The snapshot images are ideal for various applications including backup, application testing or development, information analysis, and data mining.

Snapshot is operated through the SANWatch GUI. The snapshot functionality provides high-level data protection with its immediate, space-efficient copy of storage volumes, and the automated scheduler for hands-free operation. Snapshot facilitates backup tasks and protects enterprise data from disasters and human errors.

Fast Protection:
Eases the load on IT staff by creating immediate images of data. IT staff can perform their backup tasks at any given point in time.

Using the copy-on-write methodology, snapshot requires minimum disk space. Only changes and updates are written to the snapshot volumes.


With the capability of producing up to 1024 images, Infortrend’s snapshot is apt for applications such as database analysis, decision support, and research. And there is no need to worry about using up disk space, prune rules can be configured to determine the life expectancy of snapshot images.

Handy Scheduler:
Snapshots can be taken hourly or daily in accordance with the schedules set in a calendar tool.


Capacity Control:
Thresholds can be set on snapshot volumes and the automatic life-cycle mechanisms remove obsolete images.

Immediate Integration:
Snapshot operates with VSS hardware provider so that you can readily enjoy the benefits both by the VSS-compatible software and those by snapshot. When performing a backup task, you need not stop applications or move a huge amount of data. The data to be backed up is allocated as an online copy.

 Infortrend SANWatch Snapshot Data Sheet

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