Infortrend RAIDWatch Manager

RAIDWatch Manager is a tailored, full-featured, cross-platform, RAID management software progam that provides a user-friendly interface, with graphically represents disk array elements and simplifies the normally complicated process of array configuration. RAIDWatch Manager can run locally on different platforms and is specifically designed for use in managing Infortrend’s EonStor line of RAID subsystems.


Centralized Management
RAIDWatch simplifies the complicated process of array configuration, giving system integrators many convenient management options. The software gives system administrators fingertip control to instantly deploy, configure, manage, and monitor multiple storage subsystems from local or remote locations.Its “Install Once, Run Anywhere” convenience saves time and ensures continuous operation. With Internet support, an operation center in Seattle can manage a company’s multiple RAID systems located in San Francisco, Hong Kong, and London, all from a single desktop.

Enclosure View
The RAIDWatch Enclosure View is a specialized graphic customization that shows a direct representation of an Infortrend EonStor subsystem or an EonRAID controller head in various enclosure view panels of the RAIDWatch screen. The image is an accurate illustration of the physical device and can be customized to match the look of the drive tray. When the mouse cursor is placed over any active component or lit LED, a message appears showing the status of the respective component. Failed components are easily seen as they are usually marked with a red LED, indicating a failed component.

Multi-Language Support
RAIDWatch is a useful RAID management tool that is used worldwide. It is currently available in English and Japanese; support for other languages is under development. The language display can be easily changed using the language selection on the program menu bar. As soon as a language is selected, the GUI interface, wizards, and online help will display in the chosen language.

Configuration Client
RAIDWatch supports a variety of event notification options by setting up Configuration Client, a sub-module of the RAIDWatch software. With Configuration Client, system managers can effectively monitor the system while working on other tasks.

Events are classified into three severity levels: notifications, warnings, and alerts. Many notification methods are available: email, fax, ICQ, MSN Messenger, SMS short message, LAN broadcast, and SNMP traps. To guarantee users will be notified of events under any circumstances, the notification utility can be installed redundantly on two different computers.

Advanced Firmware Functionality
RAIDWatch supports the latest firmware with Smart Technologies that features extremely compact protocol and rich varieties of algorithms to deal with the stringent requirements of storage applications. Accumulated from Infortrend’s years experience dedicated on firmware development, the firmware is especially designed for I/O processing, drive handling and system management.

Infortrend RAIDWatch Data Sheet

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