Infortrend F16F Fibre to Fibre

Infortrend F16F Fibre to Fibre series features a maximum of 12 X 4Gbps channel bandwidth. With extraordinary scalability and high throughput, your demands for capacity and performance can be easily fulfilled


Product overview

  • 4G FC-to-FC RAID subsystem
  • Twelve (12) or eight (8) 4G FC SFP ports
  • Hardware RAID6 XOR engine by dedicated ASIC400 chipsets
  • Dual-/single-RAID controller configurations
  • Dedicated SATA 18Gb/s RCC (Redundant Controller Communications) channels
  • Sixteen (16) 4Gb/2Gb Fibre Channel disk drives
  • Corresponding F16F-J4000-R/S loop-switched SBODs


Data Sheet


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