Infortrend EonPath

EonPath provides multipath IO function by recognizing and managing the redundant paths to an individual RAID volume. Greater reliability is achieved through the path failover mechanism in the event of cabling component failure. The EonPath also comes with load-balancing algorithms which help accelerate the throughput across host-storage data links.

The EonPath works with most of Infortrend’s EonStor subsystems featuring Fibre Channel, SAS, and iSCSI host interfaces and especially the latest ASIC400 series products for higher applicability and better throughput.

Minimized Configuration Effort
Unlike complicated volume management software by 3rd-party vendors, the EonPath is simple and features an end-to-end association between storage devices and HBAs across a storage network. This simplicity reduces the risk of conflicting device identifiers ofter occurred with 3rd-party software. A storage device, e.g., a logical drive, appears to the EonPath through Infortrend’s proprietary identifying methods and thus the configuration task is minimized.


Infortrend EonPath Data Sheet

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