Infortrend EonNAS 5100U

EonNAS_5100UInfortrend EonNAS 5100U is an advanced unified storage system delivering the reliability, scalability and performance required for mid-tier environments. It comes with multi-protocol connectivity, such as  CIFS, NFS, HTTP, FTP, iSCSI and Fibre Channel Protocol (FCP), to provide simultaneous file and block services. All of its comprehensive management features and data services are easily accessible with only a few mouse clicks. With EonNAS 5100U, users can promptly respond to changing application needs while ensuring optimal IT efficiency and data availability.

The “scale as needed” flexibility of EonNAS 5100U allows users to future proof for tomorrow’s applications while satisfying their current needs. To increase performance, users can integrate low-latency SSDs for EonNAS systems to automatically enhance caching operations and in turn accelerate I/O processing. For capacity expansion, EonNAS 5100U can connect with expansion enclosures to accommodate a maximum of 84 drives. Its included thin-provisioning capability enables just-in-time resource allocation to optimize space utilization. Besides lowering total cost of ownership (TCO), the intelligent technology also simplifies management tasks of capacity planning and volume utilization tracking.

EonNas 5100U features:

To keep applications and services up and running, EonNAS 5100U is designed to operate with high-availability. Its redundant, hot-swappable hardware components of backend storage eliminate single point of failure. During drive failure, hardware-based RAID protection can ensure continuous accessibility to full integrity data. To protect valuable data sets against more critical threats, EonNAS 5100U also offers snapshot and replication functionality. In case the storage is damaged by logical errors, physical errors, or disasters, users are still able to obtain the highest data availability with minimized system downtime.

Infortrend EonNAS 5100U Data Sheet

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