Infortrend EonNAS 3200

EonNAS_3200Infortrend EonNAS 3200 is an easy-to-use, entry-level unified storage solution. At affordable costs, it provides enterprise-level scalability and data services. With EonNAS 3200, small businesses, remote/branch offices or enterprise departments can deal with both file and block-based applications in the most efficient way.

Infortrend EonNAS 3200 is a cost-effective solution for consolidating data centers. The competitively-priced system delivers outstanding price/performance and provides comprehensive software features without license fees. Combining file server and application storage into a single box, EonNAS 3200 can simultaneously process data blocks transferred through IP SAN and support file-sharing between Windows and Linux/Unix clients on Ethernet. With its easy-to-use startup wizard, even IT generalists lacking storage expertise can quickly initialize the system to serve database, email and unstructured data while improving IT efficiency.

EonNas 3200 features:

Simplified Management

Through an intuitive and user-friendly web-based interface, users can centrally configure, monitor, maintain and protect multiple EonNAS systems. EonNAS management software provides users with a complete system view ideal for monitoring long-term or real-time system status. Based on the analytic data, users can easily perform efficient tuning, accurate planning and quick troubleshooting. When any abnormal events are detected, the management software will automatically notify users so that proactive actions can be taken to prevent downtime. The comprehensive management features make it easy to optimize EonNAS systems for business production.

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