Infortrend B12F Fibre to SAS


The world’s first external SFF (2.5-inch disk drive) RAID subsystem. The Infortrend B12F features unprecedented space efficiency by providing all advanced RAID functions in a 1U enclosure. Using 2.5-inch disk drives allows twice the number of spindles within the same footprint, and hence is ideal for I/O-intensive applications. The Infortrend B12F supports the capacity expansion with 3 or 4 JBOD enclosures and the flexibility of attaching both SAS or SATA-II disk drives.


Higher Reliability and Better Performance:
2.5-inch SAS disk drives are designed for environment requiring higher reliability (with an outstanding 1.7 million hours MTBF) and higher I/O density. The benefits of 2.5″ disk drives are obvious:

  • 70% smaller: Think about the estimated $1000 cost per square foot in an average data center. Now you can install 2.5 times of hard drives in the same data center footprint.
  • Consumes 40% less power: In addition to cost reduction, less power means a cooler enclosure, and therefore a higher overall reliability.
  • Higher MTBF: High-end 15,000RPM 2.5-inch SAS drives feature a 1.6 million hour MTBF, which is 15 percent higher than the 1.4 million hour by 3.5-inch disk drives.



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