Infortrend A16E iSCSI to SATA


The A16E leverages the existing TCP/IP network infrastructure by encapsulating data in iSCSI protocols. The A16E comes with 4 GbE data ports and all Infortrend’s standard RAID functions.  The A16E-G2130-4 delivers flexibility, ease of management, and configuration simplicity, while ensuring maximum security and protection for your precious data.


Product Overview

  • iSCSI Gigabit (Gb) Ethernet to SATA-II (3Gbps) RAID subsystem
  • Four (4) GbE host ports plus one (1) Fast Ethernet port for management
  • EonPathâ„¢ multipathing driver
  • Hardware RAID6 XOR engine by dedicated ASIC400 chipsets
  • Access control over IP, IQN, and mutual CHAP
  • Support for iSCSI initiators compliant with IETF iSCSI standard (RFC 3720)


Data Sheet


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