Infortrend ESVA F20

The Infortrend ESVA F20-1830 is designed to support a powerful, reliable and flexible Fibre Channel (FC) SAN. By consolidating up to 12 ESVA systems into a storage pool, the maximum capacity can be further expanded to 1344 drives. For secondary, capacity-demanding applications, the ESVA F20-1830 is the ideal choice to store and protect data with its optimal dollar-per-gigabyte advantages.


Storage virtualization – Eliminate physical boundaries of storage consolidation, thin provisioning ensures the most efficient allocation of pooled capacity.  Distributed load balancing makes performance grow linearly by adding subsystems to the virtualized foundation and prioritized volume accessibility will ensure applications to achieve their ideal service levels.

With storage virtulization technology, the capacity and computing power of multiple ESVA systems can be consolidated into a storage pool.  For the most efficient utilization of pooled storage capacity and bandwidth, ESVA systems support thin-provisioning mechanism on the virtual architecture.  With these advanced features, storage utilization can be optimized and applcations can be achieve their ideal service levels.  ESVA delivers advanced technologies to make the most of your storage investment.



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