Dell DR4000

Companies of all sizes increasingly struggle with the relentless growth of data they must manage. Essential to the business yet often redundant in nature, data can strain storage and backup processes as administrators strive to ensure data availability and integrity while still meeting capacity and backup window constraints. The Dell DR4000 deduplication and compression backup appliance can help customers to alleviate these growing problems. By removing redundant data from the backup work stream the DR4000 can drastically reduce the storage footprint, enable core backup data to remain on disk and online longer, provide faster and more reliable restores, and reduce the complexity around tape management.


Simple, affordable solution

The DR4000 is a high-performance, disk-based backup and recovery appliance that is simple to deploy and manage, and offers unsurpassed Total Cost of Ownership benefits. Features such as innovative firmware and an all-inclusive licensing model ensure optimal functionality and the assurance of no hidden costs for desired future features. The DR4000 has a simple installation process with full, intuitive remote setup and management capabilities and is available in three logical capacity points 35TB, 70TB, and 130TB, ideal for small enterprise and remote office environments.

Harness the power of deduplication

Through the use of innovative Dell deduplication and compression technology, the DR4000 can achieve an expected data reduction level of 15:1. This reduction in data means less incremental storage needs and a smaller backup footprint. By removing redundant data, the DR4000 deduplication and compression appliance delivers fast, reliable backup and restore functionality, reduces media usage and power and cooling requirements and improves overall data protection and retention costs.

The benefits of data deduplication can be extended across the enterprise as well — through the DR4000 deduplicated replication function to provide a complete backup solution for multi-site environments. Shorter Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) and more attainable Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) can also be assured as critical backup data remains on disk and online longer. Capital and administrative costs are diminished at the same time as internal service level agreements (SLAs) are more easily met.

Advanced data protection & disaster recovery

DR4000 has built in data protection safeguards in both hardware and software to verify backup integrity. The non-volatile RAM (NV-RAM) ensures data protection in case of a power loss and proactively detects corruption due to faulty hardware. The DR4000 appliance has a RAID 6 configuration, allowing for up to two simultaneous hard drive failures without service interruption. Early Write software feature validates data integrity of data and metadata.

Enhanced disaster recovery capability is provided by the DR4000 through deduplicated replication. Replication enables better disaster tolerance without the operational costs associated with transporting data offsite on physical tape. Replication can be scheduled to occur during non-peak periods and prioritizes ingest data over replication data to ensure optimal back up windows. Deduplication coupled with replication minimizes the costs and inefficiencies associated with distributed backup environments.

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