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Jigsaw Image101 Data Solutions has an established history of delivering innovative Data Storage Solutions. We resolve your data issues when you need it most, now and for the future. Storage of data is an ever-growing problem by its very nature. 101 Data Solutions’ storage consulting team specialise in the design and build of complex storage solutions for organisations of all sizes, both using existing systems and where appropriate new technologies.

Our Account Managers are trained specialists in Data Storage consultancy and thrive on ensuring that every solution is the right solution.

At 101 Data Solutions we offer a wide variety of free assessments to help gain an insight into your environment and allow collaborative planning for the future. Tabulated below are some examples of assessments that we can run for you.


The Dell Performance Analysis Collection Kit (DPACK) is a complimentary tool that will help you make the most impactful decisions for your business, whether it’s reducing wasteful spending or analyzing opportunities for virtualization or data center expansion.

Through a simply run program, DPACK performs a host-level assessment of your infrastructure, including servers, storage and workloads. You see peak I/O levels, as well as server utilization rates, to ensure your solution will successfully address the key pain points in your specific environment.

DPACK runs remotely and agentless to gather core requirements, including:

  • Disk I/O
  • Throughput
  • Capacity and memory utilization
  • Server workload and capacity requirements

With this tangible data, DPACK generates two kinds of reports:

  1. An aggregation of resource needs across disparate servers, with a simulation of those workloads if consolidated to shared resources
  2. An in-depth individual server report to be used by IT administrators to search for potential bottlenecks or hotspots that need to be engineered out of a new design

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