Rushes Post Production

London-based Rushes is one of the world's leading audio-visual post production facilities. The company prides itself on its state-of-the-art equipment and HD capable edit suites, and works with the highest technical applications. As part of its leading edge proposition, Rushes identified a need to implement a network solution which would deliver higher performance and had less risk of downtime. Click here for case study

University of Bangor

As universities grow, so does their need for data storage. This is something that The University of Bangor was only too aware of when it set out to find the best solution for its individual needs. The university learnt that through thorough research, it was able to secure the best price and value for its storage infrastructure. Click here for case study

Abbeyfield School

The past few years have seen Abbeyfield School struggle with its data storage, as it had no central server in place and numerous disparate and temporary systems were being used to accommodate vital databases and information portals, as well all manner of academic material. Desktop computers were even being used as storage systems and the storage space within the school was rapidly running out. Click here for case study


At their Canary Wharf datacenter in London, Modrus are hosting MS Exchange for a large customer, supporting 1000 users. The customer is a heavy user of email with large mailboxes and expects to grow rapidly during the lifecycle of the hosted service. Modrus required a reliable storage platform which is high-performance and easily expandable, whilst being at a price point to make the hosted exchange service economically attractive to potential customers. Click here for case study

Hereward College

Hereward College had been experiencing performance issues since the beginning of the year as its previous SAN system, was overloaded and becoming too slow for the college's requirements, which included a roaming profile with remote desktop provision for students. Click here for case study


London-based Framestore is one of the world's leading audio-visual post production facilities. At the conclusion of Framestore's largest post-production film they had generated a significant amount of data which needed to stay live while additional projects were being brought online. In this instance a significant amount of data was required to remain live with access times beyond the capabilities of their tertiary nearline disk storage and far beyond that of tape. Click here for case study

Centremaps Live

Laser Surveys Limited supply spatial data primarily across the land and property sector through the online portal Centremaps Live required a robust shared storage platform for this data which their business relies on, so choosing the right solution was key. Click here for case study



Cadassist are a leading design and data management software integrator who support an impressive list of clients with their range of products and services. Cadassist recently challenged themselves to change their software image deployment method to improve efficiency and adopt a more robust process. Click here for case study

Wyke Farms

101 Data Solutions has installed an Overland Storage SAN solution, creating block storage that is easy to use, as well as providing full functionality, flexibility and scalability. It integrates with Wyke Farms operating systems as well as providing data protection and flexible connectivity. Click here for case study

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